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Professional Home Cleaning Services
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House Cleaning Service in Hyattsville, Marryland

Even if you are a cleaning enthusiast, it is hard to ensure cleanliness in each part of your house. There will always be things like refrigerator coils or laundry room shelves that may go unnoticed and ignored. If you want to have an intensive and thorough clean-up of your apartment, just hire our maid and house cleaners in Hyattsville, MD.

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Why Hire Professional Cleaners in Hyattsville, MD?

While some people simply don’t like cleaning, others don’t have the time to do it. Regardless of your reasons, here are a few benefits you’ll receive from hiring professional cleaners.

Deep and Intensive Cleaning

Our workers will manage to clean even the smallest spaces in your house. We follow a stepwise procedure: vacuum, wipe and disinfect. 

For instance, in the case of kitchen cleaning, we will focus on all areas under and behind appliances. The filters, cabinets, coils, stove burners, and grout lines will never go unnoticed by our keen eyes! In addition, all the spaces in your laundry rooms, pathways, garage, and yards will be cleared of germs, once you hire our Hyattsville, MD house cleaners.


house cleaners hyattsville ,maryland
hyattsville house cleaners

Bringing Back the Glamor of Your Belongings

At Maids 2 Mop, we have all the tools and solutions to clean and sanitize your carpets and upholstery in depth. With regular clean-ups, the overall look of your furniture would freshen up. Moreover, the removal of accumulated dirt, dust, and bacteria would boost the life of your furnishings. Not only will it bring your house a new look, but also save you money in the longer run.

Post-Renovation Cleaning

If you are moving to a new house, you must be worried about cleaning. And, why not? Renovation or construction leaves debris, stains, and dust in amounts that are difficult to handle by a casual clean-up process. By hiring our Hyattsville, MD maid services, you can relieve yourself of the stress of that abundant cleaning. 

Our professional cleaning team will vacuum all the surfaces including ceilings, walls, and floors for you. We will wipe down and disinfect floors, doors, shelves, and every piece of hardware in the kitchen, bathrooms, and any other space.

house cleaning services hyattsville maryland

Prompt and Affordable

If you decide to acquire our professional cleaning service in Hyattsville, MD, all you need to do is schedule a booking online. Obtaining our services is quite easy and affordable. You can even customize the package as per your needs.

Get the Best Cleaning Services in
Hyattsville with Maids 2 Mop

While you have other options when it comes to cleaning companies in Hyattsville, hiring Maids 2 Mop will provide you with the best cleaning experience possible. Here are just a few reasons why our customers love us:

Easy Booking

you can book our services conveniently and quickly in two ways. You can either choose to schedule your cleaning appointment by visiting our website from your computer or you can book while on the go through your mobile phone.

Experienced and Professional Cleaners

All of our cleaners are highly trained on how to clean homes and bring a great deal of experience. They are also vetted through in-person interviews and background checks to ensure that they are all professional, trustworthy, and reliable.

Safety and Security

To ensure your property’s security and the safety of our cleaners, Maids 2 Mop are bonded and insured. In the unlikely case of injury, damages, or theft, you’ll be compensated and our cleaners will be taken care of.

Fun Things in Hyattsville, MD

Hiring professional cleaners to do up your house will provide you with extra time. Consequently, you will be able to indulge in various recreational activities in Hyattsville, MD. Here are some places you can visit in your spare time.

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The city also hosts a myriad of fun activities for kids, teens, adults, as well as seniors. If you are a fun lover, you may want to visit

If you are looking for restaurants to dine in with your family and friends in Hyattsville, you may consider: