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Here’s How to Deep Clean Your Baseboards

Deep cleaning baseboards

Here’s How to Deep Clean Your Baseboards

Many of us go without cleaning our baseboards for very long – mostly because it’s very hard to notice the dirt present on them. However, upon a closer look, you will find everything ranging from grime to scratches. If left unchecked for too long, your baseboards may become dingy and yellow. In this guide, we will go over how to deep clean your baseboards, which materials to use, pro tips, and much more. On the other hand, if you want to offload this task to a professional, get in touch with Maids 2 Mop for the best deep cleaning service in Washington DC!

Before You Start

The first step of deep cleaning your baseboards is to make sure that everything is ready for intensive cleaning. If you’re cleaning your entire house, it’s best to leave the baseboards for last. This will ensure that dust from walls, ceiling fans, or other parts of your house doesn’t accumulate on the baseboards that you just finished cleaning.

Here are some essential items that you will need to deep clean your baseboards.

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Warm water
  • A bucket

In case your baseboards have mold, you will need some extra gear.

  • Borax
  • White vinegar

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With that said, let’s get into deep cleaning your baseboards!

Deep Cleaning Your Baseboards

1. Vacuum

Start by getting rid of all the loose visible dirt on your baseboards. This can be done using a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to pay extra attention to the tough spots – corners and crevices. Use your vacuum cleaner at the point where the trim meets the floor and get all the dust, hair, and dead skin cells out of there.

2. Remove the Stains

With all the visible dust and debris gone, you’re well on your way to sparkling clean baseboards. Now, begin by mixing an appropriate amount of any all-purpose cleaner in a bucket of water. Usually, one gallon of water gets the job done. 

The next step can be followed in multiple ways. For instance, if your baseboards are in fairly good condition, you can wipe your floor with a piece of microfiber cloth dipped in the cleaning solution. On the flip side, if there are a lot of stains, you may want to use a sponge with dish soap and elbow grease. 

This step mostly depends on the condition of the baseboards. If you can get it done with a simple piece of cloth and all-purpose cleaner, all well and good. Otherwise, you may need a more powerful solution.

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3. Clean the Corners

Cleaning the corners is always the hardest part of any cleaning task – not if you’re smart about it! In fact, all the spots in your baseboards that are hard to reach can be tackled with a simple cotton swab. 

Use a cotton swab with the cleaning solution you prepared earlier, and go to town on all the tough spots. Make sure to twist and turn the swab in the elusive spaces for full effect. A small old toothbrush can also be used in place of a cotton swab.

4. Wipe It All Off

With that done, your baseboards should be back in tiptop shape. However, if you aren’t satisfied yet, go back to step 2 and use a magic eraser solution for the stains. 

Once you’ve decided that your baseboards are clean enough, you can use a microfiber cloth dipped in warm water to wipe off all the cleaner residue. 

5. Dry the Baseboards

As a final step, you need to dry the baseboards by rubbing them with a dryer sheet. This will make your baseboards less prone to catching dust, and leave behind a shiny, beautiful look. 

Such tips and tricks are only known through extensive cleaning experience – something not everyone has. When you opt for our deep cleaning service in Washington DC, our expert maids will perform all the cleaning secrets on your baseboards!

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Deep Cleaning Moldy Baseboards

Baseboards close to the kitchen or the bathroom can get moldy. In such a scenario, some extra effort is required for a proper deep clean. 

First, you have to create an anti-mold solution by mixing some special ingredients together. Prepare the following in a spray bottle or a bucket.

  • Two cups of warm water
  • Half a cup of borax 
  • Half a cup of white vinegar

Take a microfiber cloth dipped in this solution and apply it to the affected baseboards. You can also spray it with a spray bottle. Once done, leave it for approximately 10 minutes. Finally, use a magic eraser and a brush to get the mold out of your baseboards.

Why Choose Maids 2 Mop For Deep Cleaning Service in Washington DC

Everything becomes easier with a professional on your side. You may not have the right supplies, equipment, or skills to properly deep clean your baseboards. This is where Maids 2 Mop comes in. 

Leaving your baseboards unchecked for too long can cause some quite serious problems. Bacteria and germs may accumulate, leading to health problems for you and your family. In such a situation, you will need someone that knows how to battle these pathogens properly. 

In addition to extensive experience, our professional cleaners bring all the necessary cleaning products with them. They know which products and brands work best, and which solutions work well with certain surfaces. Not to mention, getting professional maid service in Washington DC will help you release stress and give you more free time to spend with your loved ones. 

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