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House Cleaning Tips for Seniors to Make Their Life Easier

House Cleaning Tips for Seniors to Make Their Life Easier

As a person becomes aged in years, it may become more difficult to accomplish even the basic cleaning tasks around the home. Things that used to be easy become more difficult with passage of age into your wonder years. That’s why cleaning a home for Seniors can become a challenging task, especially when you may have other illnesses or are uncomfortable performing physically daunting tasks around the house. Here, we have put together some safe house cleaning tips for Seniors to make house cleaning easier and avoid any mishaps.

When it comes to Senior’s house cleaning, start by creating a list of what needs to be done. Firstly, split the list by regular cleaning and deep cleaning tasks. Regular cleaning tasks include tasks that need to be done to keep the home neat and tidy. Deep cleaning tasks includes window washing, baseboard wiping, furniture cleaning, appliance scrubbing, and much more.

Make a To-do List for house cleaning tips for Seniors

First of all, you are advised to prepare a to-do list of what cleaning tasks need to be done for the entire home. By having a proper to-do list, Seniors can easily know what they have to do first and what to do next. Also, it will help prioritize items that need to be cleaned to make the home livable.

Avoid Moving Heavy Objects on Your Own

Sometimes, Seniors want to do deep cleaning by moving the heavy objects like furniture on their own which is completely risky. Ask your family, friends, or someone who has more experience with this type of movement to help you move big items to avoid any injuries.

Do Vacuum Instead of Sweeping

Vacuum cleaners are the best option as compared to sweeping for Senior citizens. They work faster to collect dirt from the floor as well as preventing it from being scattered around.

Prevent Using More Soap while Mopping

When mopping the floor, as a Senior, you are advised to use only bleach or another disinfectant to kill germs. Using too much soap while mopping can make your floor slippery, thus the chances of getting injured can be increased. So, to prevent injuries, just use a little amount of soap and don’t walk on the floors until they are  completely dry.

Use Brooms for Hard-to-Reach Places

As a Senior, it may be best to use a broom to clean the places that are hard to reach to prevent over extending your limbs, causing falls, or back soreness. Some areas where a broom may come in handy include baseboards, top of the walls, under the bed, and under the sofa.

Hire Professional Cleaners

All in all, it is recommended that Senior hire a professional cleaning company to clean their home. When you hire Maids 2 Mop DMV we bring all of our own supplies and equipment. All of our staff our highly trained and follow a detailed cleaning checklist when cleaning your home.

So, sit back and relax by letting a professional cleaning company in Washington DC such as Maids 2 Mop to do the cleaning job in a perfect manner.

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